6 reasons why basketball is better than football

Basketball and football are direct competitors. They compete for the souls and hearts of people. Both games are equally easily accessible in terms of cheap inventory. All you need to play basketball is a basketball jersey, shorts, and shoes. So, how is basketball better than football?

1. There are no football fans at basketball

I don’t recall a single case when basketball fans would have staged a mass brawl or smashed the windows after the game. This game has an entirely different atmosphere, a different aura. The basketball arena is quite suitable for a quiet family evening: there will be no fireworks, no obscene chants from the stands and other obscenities. To get the latest stories, install our app here

2. Basketball players are stronger than football players

6 reasons why basketball is better than football

Basketball loads all the muscles more evenly, equally actively involving the legs, arms, shoulders and back. At the same time, the total load significantly exceeds the football level. For example, a football player and a basketball player run about the same distance per match — about 7 km, but a football match lasts 90 minutes, and a basketball match lasts only 40 (or 48 in the NBA).To get the latest stories, install our app here

In addition to simple running, a basketball player performs more than 250 accelerations per game – against several dozen from a football player. In terms of the number of jumps, the numbers are about the same. In short, basketball is for real men. There are no measured walks to your half of the field – only running, only fighting—all 40 minutes.

3. Basketball players are smarter than football players

6 reasons why basketball is better than football

Basketball teaches the brain to make decisions instantly. There are practically no similar situations in football, simply because they cannot be technical. It often happens that, having jumped out with the ball to the ring, the player is forced to change the plan on the fly. I wanted, for example, to jump under the ring and throw an easy ball, but circumstances have changed, and there is no way to pass (or not fly) along the intended trajectory. You can pass, but for this, you need to find an open partner; you can turn around in the air and throw in a different way; you can shift the ball to the other hand; you can accept the collision. The flight mode lasts only from 0.5 to 0.8 seconds. Literally, an instant, less than one-tenth of a second, is given to deciding because otherwise, the body will not have time to follow the brain’s instructions before landing. To get the latest stories, install our app here

4. Basketball players are more agile than football players

Here again, basketball is head and shoulders above football, which also has many feints and ball techniques, but all this does not compare with the basketball arsenal. In football, hands play the role of balance – they help keep balance or grab an opponent by the jersey.

In basketball, the role of all limbs is equally important. Feints and dribbling can be built based on foot movements and the basis of hand movements, or you can mix. However, it is not possible, but necessary as a result of the constant equally intense involvement of all limbs, overall coordination, and overall body control increase. The legs still do the main work.

5. Basketball is always there

6 reasons why basketball is better than football

Someone may object: “Wait, but there are football grounds everywhere.” And here it is not. Basketball is actually more accessible than football: there are basketball courts in any school and just in many yards. As a rule, football grounds, or fields, there are several for the whole city.

The fact is that yard and most school football fields are very far from official standards in size. There is no such problem with basketball courts. An ordinary school hall and most outdoor playgrounds have the same cherished 28 x 15. That is, playing basketball on the street, theoretically, you are quite training yourself for a future professional career. Playing football on the street on a field 2-3 times smaller than the standard one, you just roll the ball. To get the latest stories, install our app here

6. Basketball is a spectacle

6 reasons why basketball is better than football

Basketball is much more dynamic and spectacular. In football, on average, there are only a few sharp, intriguing moments per game (in 90 minutes). Sometimes they may not be there at all — 90 minutes of unhurried ball rolling somewhere in the centre of the field is not uncommon. In basketball, at least 2 attacks are made in one minute, more often 3-4. Each attack is a potentially spectacular moment. And although not all of them end with a spectacle, there is simply no empty skating rink for 10-20 minutes.

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