$60 million mysteriously disappear in Liberia

$60 million banknotes mysteriously disappear.

The Liberian government says it is investigating the unexplained disappearance of two huge shipments of Liberian dollar banknotes printed abroad and brought into the country between November 2017 and August 2018.

The total amount of two shipments of banknotes that have vanished is approximately $60 million.

According to media reports, the containers of the money actually left the port of the capital, Monrovia, under escort in March.

The convoy went to the central bank but disappeared.

The justice ministry is asking the population to remain calm while a group of investigators composed of senior security officials investigate the disappearance.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe told state radio that President George Weah, who took office in January, is “unhappy” that he was not informed of the situation until now.

“This is alarming,” Nagbe said, adding that the Liberian government intends to do everything possible to clarify this mysterious disappearance.

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