Honest teenager from Liberia finds $50,000 and returns it to owner

A young man from Liberia, a country on the west coast of Africa, has become a national hero after he found $50,000 on the street and returned the money to its rightful owner. Due to his heroism, 18-year-old Emmanuel Tuloe has been invited by the President of the Republic, George Weah, to a meeting that will take place next week.

Tuloe was driving his motorcycle taxi when he found the money wrapped in a plastic bag. “I was afraid because it was a lot of money, so I took it home and gave it to my aunt. That way, we could keep it until the owner came forward,” said the young man.

The same day, Tuloe heard businesswoman Musu Yancy, the owner who had lost the money, on the radio. Yancy begged the finder to return the money. So that’s what Tuloe did.


The Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission has since praised the teenager for his act. Although Tuloe says it gets a lot of praise, some mocked his decision. For example, the act is very unusual in a country like Liberia, where many people suffer from poverty due to the many civil wars that have already raged there.

“Some people say I made a stupid decision,” Tuloe said. “They believe that by my act, I will die poor.” The teenager has even received threats. “I have to protect myself,” it sounds.

Back to school

Still, the young man is convinced that he did the right thing. The businesswoman rewarded Tuloe with money and stuff worth about $1,500, including a mattress. “That’s a gift for my grandmother,” Tuloe says proudly.

A meeting with the Liberian President is also planned for the teenager. “When I meet the president, I’ll tell him I want to go back to school.” For example, Tuloe had to leave school to run a taxi company. That way, he could earn money and help his family. “I will ask him to encourage other young people to go to school,” concludes the national hero.

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