7 obvious signs he likes you

The body language, facial expressions, and words of a man can reveal a lot about how he feels about you. Of course, we all have certain habits and character traits that also affect verbal and non-verbal communication features. But in general, it is not difficult to understand the attitude of a man by his behavior pattern. About the obvious signs he likes you, we tell below.

1. He leans towards you while talking

7 obvious signs he likes you

Many of our movements are carried out subconsciously, so it is almost impossible to control them. It has been proven that if one person feels sympathy for another, he gradually leans towards you during a conversation. The body can move forward if he is sitting, and the legs will remain in place. Leaning to one side, he also demonstrates a friendly attitude. The next time you’re around, pay attention to whether the man is trying to close the distance between you.

2. His pupils dilate

Pupil dilation can be an obvious sign that he likes you. This is due to the fact that when the centers responsible for receiving pleasure are activated in our brain, dopamine is released into the bloodstream. The latter provokes the expansion of the pupils.

However, this can also be caused by external factors. For example, pupils may dilate when a person is in a poorly lit room, is in severe physical pain, or takes drugs.

3. He licks his lips

7 obvious signs he likes you

It is believed that if a man talks to a woman who is interesting to him and seems attractive, his salivation may increase. This is due to an increase in testoster0ne, a male hormone.

If you notice that he often swallows saliva when you are near a man, it is quite possible that he likes you.

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4. He copies your movements and adopts phrases

Often the process of copying facial expressions and phrases of another person occurs unconsciously. In this case, he is triggered by a feeling of fascination with other people. If you notice similar behavior on the part of a man, this may indicate his desire to be closer to you. Moreover, the more time you spend together, the more likely it is that you will begin to adopt his gestures, mannerisms, and phrases.

5. He listens with interest

If a man truly likes you, be sure that he will be an attentive listener. In this way, he will try to show that he is interested in your life.

The fact that a man is not indifferent to you is also evidenced by the fact that he remembers the details of your conversations. For example, he asks what the outcome of the story you told him about was.

6. He wants to spend more time with you

A man’s desire to spend more time with you speaks volumes. If he likes building a relationship with you, he will strive to see you as often as possible.

But this does not mean that you yourself cannot become the initiator of meetings. Feel free to show you like the young man – so he will understand that your relationship means a lot to you too.

7. He includes you in his plans

7 obvious signs he likes you

Another obvious sign that he likes you and is not indifferent is his desire to fit you into his plans. If he quickly responds to messages and answers calls, he is always ready to give you time. Pay attention to how he prepares for a date: he plans it and tries to make it enjoyable, or at the last moment, he announces that you will stop by the nearest coffee shop.

The desire of a man to build joint plans, even short-term ones, is a good sign. This means that he counts on the fact that your relationship will not be a fleeting affair but something more.

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