7 things guys should never do in a relationship

Any human relationship is work—the work of two people who must work hard every day for each other. If you don’t want to put in the effort, be prepared for the relationship to end as soon as it starts. To avoid such a situation, we have compiled 7 things guys should never do in a relationship

1. Show indecision

7 things guys should never do in a relationship

Women dislike indecisive men. When you do not dare to even talk to her, of course, you will not be able to establish any relationship. If you are embarrassed to ask an elementary question, take a hand or say a compliment – she will definitely feel it and is unlikely to want a second date. But do not think that since you decided and called her on a date, the job is done, and you can continue to doubt, be afraid, and be complex. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Especially if you still doubt whether to call or not. So tie with all these complexes. Yes, there is a possibility of a negative reaction to your actions. But if a girl talks to you, if she came to a meeting, then she is at least curious. And you have every chance to win it. Take a chance.

2. Jealous for no reason

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Suppose you have doubts about your partner’s fidelity, which results in surveillance, viewing her messages and history in the browser, a ban on communicating with other men, and a loud showdown when someone looks at her. In that case, you have every chance to destroy love. Leave such passions to teenagers. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Adults should behave accordingly. Is there an objective reason for jealousy? Calmly talk to the girl explain that her behavior upsets you. There is no reason; you just screwed yourself up? In this case, do not spoil your relationship with suspicions and scenes of jealousy.

3. Constantly Complain

Dumping all your problems and gloomy mood onto your soulmate is a bad idea. It’s not sexy, it’s not cute, and it’s annoying. Nobody likes whiners. Especially whining about such small, annoying things as the weather, traffic situations, or rising prices. Of course, you are also together to support each other.

If something really bothers you, tell the girl. Just do it without whining, do not put pressure on pity, but share and ask for advice. She will be grateful for the trust and your good behavior.

4. Ignore her life

7 things guys should never do in a relationship

She talks about a new job or hobby, and you defiantly yawn and advise you to discuss “this nonsense” with your friends? Or do you interrupt and start talking about your own? Well, in such images, you only push the girl to break off your relationship. Since you are together, you should be interested in each other’s affairs hobbies and help in case of emergency. Egoism has no place here. To get the latest stories, install our app here

We do not exclude that some topics may not interest you, and the problems will seem far-fetched. But take the trouble to at least listen, and only then gently explain that you don’t understand this and can’t advise anything. It is also important to always praise her achievements ask questions. In a word, actively participate in life so that she sees that you care. And if you consider the affairs and problems to be nonsense, maybe you are not so much interested in her?

5. Don’t appreciate her efforts

What both partners do for the sake of the relationship is constant work. However, the work is voluntary and not at all a duty. It seems to you that it costs nothing for her to cook breakfast or wash your socks. And for a girl, this can be a real victory over herself, a victory for you. And for some other guy, she wouldn’t try.

Therefore, appreciate every little thing that the chosen one does. It is not necessary to sing odes. Just say, “Thank you, I appreciate your concern.” Sincere gratitude is enough to make her feel happy and surround you even more with warmth and care.

6. Don’t make an effort

If your lover is making an effort for your relationship, so should you. After all, the contribution should be equal, then the union turns out to be harmonious, and no one feels offended. It is very important to help your soulmate in everyday life. Do not shift all the responsibilities, no. But find a few things that are not difficult and pleasant for you to do. For example, cook or repair a computer. To get the latest stories, install our app here

The main thing is that you fulfill your “part of the deal” regularly and willingly. Also, be ready to help the girl with any problem that suddenly arises, no matter how stupid it may seem to you. If she knows that she can always rely on you, she will appreciate, respect and love even more.

7. Control her

7 things guys should never do in a relationship

“As I said, so be it” – when you enter into a relationship, you can immediately delete this phrase from your vocabulary. You have a voluntary union of two free people. A woman has the right to her opinion, personal interests, a separate social circle. And that’s okay; you also have all the same options.

The next time you want to interrogate your loved one with an addiction, ask yourself why you are doing this; where does this maniacal desire to control the life of another person come from? You do not trust her; are you afraid that she will leave? Maybe you shouldn’t be with someone you don’t trust? Or learn to trust.

In any case, it will not work to keep the partner by force. But you can push her to leave by tyranny. Then fight with internal complexes, but she should not suffer because of them. Are you in control because you’re insecure?

These are the main mistakes in relationships that doom the union to failure in advance. All people make them without exception, so it is important to be careful.

If you notice such behavior in yourself, try to improve if the relationship is really dear to you.

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