7 ways to work on trust in a new relationship

When talking about the most important things in a relationship, trust and good communication are at the top of the list. They may be so essential, usually it is not obvious. You have to put effort into it and continue to work on it. Although it can be a hard job for business people to eat.

Trusting people is much easier for one person than for the other. Some people are open-ended and share everything with everyone, while others are a little more sceptical about who they allow. Do you have a new relationship? Then it is important to work on the trust between you and your partner. That’s how you start, according to experts.

1. Make sure that the time you spend together is quality-time
Spend time by talking to each other and try to get a real bond. “Put your mobile phone away, turn off the TV and the music can also become softer. Really listen to your partner”, Meygan and Casey Caston from Marriage365 tell the Bustle lifestyle website. Just hanging out in front of the tube one night and watching Netflix is not enough.

2. Be the real version of yourself, not the best
You cannot always keep a façade in a relationship, after a while you fall through the basket if you happen differently. “Real intimacy comes when you open up. You have to show your partner who you are, also at your less good moments”, says Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes, psychologist and dating coach.

3. Set limits
People sometimes assume that your partner trust goes hand in hand with sharing everything. But you do not necessarily have to reveal everything from day one. Trust is built up over time, and you really do not have to share anything until you are ready for it.

4. Take it easy
Your first love can be a bull’s eye and then the feeling of ‘I want to spend with them every moment’ quickly comes to mind. But it is a good idea not to run too fast. The faster you place yourself in certain situations, the more vulnerable you position yourself. Take your time when you start a new relationship.

5. Be reliable
You cannot expect someone to be trustworthy when you are not yourself. Make sure your partner can count on you. Trust works as a two-way street. Are you starting a new relationship? Then it is important that your partner knows that they can tell you everything or ask you something.

6. Respect them
If you break your trust, it can cause a lot of damage in a relationship, especially when it is in the beginning. That is precisely why it is important to protect your partners’ boundaries. Do not go snooping around in their business or accuse them of lies. Nothing can ruin confidence in the beginning of a relationship faster than a breach of their privacy.

7. Say honestly what you mean and keep your word
It may sound logical, but we are not good at this. It is very important that we keep to the agreements we make with our partner: from calling in time if you promised to do so. In the beginning of a relationship that is really a sign that you mean it. Do you not meet small appointments? Then trust for big business is often sought.

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