8 false excuses that we find for not praying

Fatigue, laziness, and a lack of time… Admit that we’ve all come up with hundreds of excuses to avoid praying. However, just as our bodies need sustenance to survive, our brains require prayer time to become stronger.

I don’t have time

If you can find time to sit in front of the TV and watch the newest hit series, talk for an hour on the phone with a loved one, and spend half an hour on Facebook, you must be able to find time to be alone with God.

I’m exhausted

Choose a moment when you are certain you will not fall asleep while praying. For example, you may pray after breakfast or before seeing a movie in the evening. Make sure your body never gets weary of praying, just as it never gets tired of eating!

I’m at a loss for words

You could feel like you’re saying the same thing over and over again in your prayers, and you’re at a loss for words. In truth, praying is just speaking to God. Simple terms, as well as your own language and vocabulary, should be used. Keep in mind that God requests that we maintain a connection with Him. You are His child, and He is your Father. Casually address Him, as you would a friend, but with awe and respect due to Him on top of that. Trust your intellect to come up with the appropriate words.

I don’t know what to pray for

There are many things for which to pray: your repentance, your family, your friends, your school, your job, the global situation, your spiritual challenges and hardships, and your call, not to mention praise and adoration of God. as well as to thank Him for all He has done in your life.

I hate praying

You like chatting with your lover while you’re in a relationship. So, you’ve taken Christ into your heart, but you don’t want to converse to Him?

It can wait. I’ll do it later

Putting off what you can do right now is the surest way never to accomplish your goals! Is there anything more pressing than speaking with His Creator? Is it up to Him to wait until you’ve completed all of your responsibilities, or is it up to you to make it a priority?

I’ve committed too many sins. God isn’t going to listen to me

Jesus did not come for the healthy, but the sick and the wayward, according to the Bible (John 3/17). How can having too much sin make it difficult to pray? All you have to do now is return to Him and repent. It will first relieve you of your guilt, then wash you of your sins, and lastly, it will enable you to start again and follow a different path: that of sanctification.

I’ve already prayed too much, and nothing has changed in my life

Perseverance is the key to success when it comes to God! With the snap of a finger, nothing occurs. Furthermore, just because you haven’t seen anything in the physical world doesn’t mean nothing has occurred in the spiritual realm. None of our prayers go unnoticed, and none of them are in vain. If God hasn’t yet answered your prayers, He may be waiting to see how much you want to see Him act in your life, how much work you’re willing to put in, and particularly how much patience you’ll show!

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