8 reasons you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know

We can see an acquaintance with whom we have spoken only once and feel a strange excitement towards him. It’s as if a magnet attracts us, and we can’t explain why this is happening. There are several reasons why you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know

1. The feeling that you have known a person all your life

We can meet someone and feel like we’ve known them for years. It’s like old friends meeting after a long separation.

This unspoken connection makes us feel as comfortable as possible next to a barely familiar person. This is often the reason for developing friendships and relationships — we want to get to know him better to make sure of our feelings and continue to communicate with him. We consider this person special because he has similar character traits, humour, and views on life.

8 reasons you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know

2. You project your idea of the ideal onto him

Each of us has a list of qualities that make people attractive in our eyes. And when you meet a barely familiar person, we can project our ideas about the ideal onto him. Sometimes it even seems to us that this is love at first sight, and he is the one we have been looking for for a long time.

Unfortunately, such thoughts are rarely the reality. We can do this because of long loneliness or the desire to find someone who corresponds to our ideals.

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Thus, we create an illusion that may have nothing to do with reality. Because of it, we feel the attraction. However, it passes quickly when we realize that everything is completely different in life.

3. You are on the same wavelength with him

When by chance, it turns out that you have the same goals and views on life with an almost unknown person, it brings you closer. You can perfectly understand each other from half a word while knowing very little about your interlocutor.

This is a great reason to continue your communication because it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people. In addition, people with simil ar views, principles, and desires can build strong relationships.

8 reasons you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know

4. You need a distraction

Sometimes we get hung up on another person just because we want to distract ourselves from the things that worry us. This allows us to take a break from making important decisions or worrying about what is happening in life.

It is worth considering whether the hobby of an unfamiliar person is an attempt to escape from problems. You need to figure yourself out and then take some action to do this.

5. You suffer from loneliness

Not everyone knows how to cope with loneliness. For many of us, the absence of a partner is really not easy. Because of this, we can consider unfamiliar people attractive. Thus, we strive to cope with the feeling of emptiness and uncertainty about our own attractiveness or to survive a recent breakup.

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We may also think that a barely familiar person is the only hope for happiness. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most cases, and the realization of this can be even more frustrating.

To avoid disappointment, you need to be able to cope with your loneliness. It can be difficult enough, but there are ways to feel less lonely.

8 reasons you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know

6. You are dealing with an anxious attachment

If we often think about a person we barely know, this may be one of the factors of anxious attachment. It often manifests itself in fear of being rejected. We worry about what an unfamiliar person thinks about us, who we like.

It’s the same with illusions and the hope of a relationship that may not happen in reality. People with an anxious type of attachment may lack constant attention, and therefore they are attracted to others who can give it to them.

7. The mystery of man attracts you

A study published in Psychological Science shows that the inaccessibility and mystery of people we barely know can be attractive to us.

That’s why we’re drawn to them. You think a lot about what might be in another person’s head; you are interested in him. We want to understand what lies behind the image and impression you received from the first meeting.

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It could be how he engages in conversations with others. Or, for example, a person seems to us wise beyond his age. Something in his behavior seemed important and attractive to you, so you thought about him again and again.

8 reasons you are feeling magnetically drawn to someone you barely know

8. You are attracted to the idea of a relationship, not the person himself

Sometimes people feel magnetically drawn to someone they barely know because of the idea of what communication with him can lead to.

People get married with the possibility of having something long-term. It’s not necessarily about the specific person they just met, but about the relationship status, they expected to receive.

For example, if we lack close communication, we think that we can become real friends with a person or build a relationship that will not lead to separation. And instead of getting to know a person better, with his positive traits and shortcomings, we strive to bring everything to our goal.

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