87-year-old man with 13 children, 127 grandchildren, 203 great grandchildren (photos)

A man living in Ukraine is undoubtedly the patriarch of the largest family in the world. He filed a request to enter the Guinness Book of Records. Pavel Semenyuk, 87, has always dreamed of having a large family and was delighted when his wife gave birth to 13 children.

After several births and marriages, the Semenyuk clan has 346 live descendants, with the youngest member only two weeks old.

The Semenyuk family lives in the village of Dobroslav, in the south of Ukraine, in the Odessa region.

Pavel could have considered himself lucky to have had 13 children, but today, with a grand total of 127 grandchildren, 203 great-grandchildren and even three great-great-grandchildren, he is known for something really out of the ordinary.

“It’s a big happy family,” said Pavel, a retired bricklayer. For the man, the only difficulty he encounters is to remember all the names of his descendants.

“I know the names of those who are older. But I sometimes forget for those who are younger.”

Whenever one of them trains his family, others build a new house in the village.

To do so, the workforce is not lacking, as most of Pavel’s sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren also work in the construction sector.

30 children from the Semenyuk family attend the local school and every birthday and every wedding is a big event for the whole family.

“We make large quantities of meals to celebrate our birthdays and weddings. Women always help each other,” said one of Pavel’s daughters, Vira Semenyuk.

A few days ago, the Semenyuk family was recognized as the largest in Ukraine.

Their names have been registered in the local national records register and they must be submitted to the Guinness Book of Records.

National Register Manager Lana Vetrova said, “It’s a unique family. So far, the largest family in the world has 192 members and was registered in India by Guinness World Records. The Semenyuk have a good chance of breaking that record.”

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