These 9 signs indicate you are more than a friend

Are you friend zoned, on the right path towards friends with benefits, or maybe even more than that? God knows. It is sometimes difficult to find out, and overanalyzing does not always make it better. Are we more than friends or not?

It certainly keeps it exciting, being friends with your crush. But there comes a time when you want answers to your questions: are you just friends or more than that? Pay attention to these nine signals. The more they are present, the greater the chance to get out of the friend zone.

You have the same interests

It sounds evident because whether you’re friends or lovers, what generally brings people together is that you have a few things in common. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep your bond – whatever it might be – strong. So the more of the same interests, the better.

The other is just coming out of a breakup or instead is single

It sounds a bit crazy because if your crush has no other, then why don’t you stand a chance? This may be one way of looking at it, but there is also another approach. If your crush is still healing from a breakup, that person can’t mentally dive into a new love affair yet.

That is more than logical and only neat instead of you being seen as a rebound. Since your crush likes to have you around, being friends is the only and best alternative. So good news!

The same applies if the other person is currently pleased, single, and not open to a relationship, then the time is not now, but possibly later at another time. If your friendship is strong enough, feelings can grow, and eventually, your friendship can blossom into more. But then you have to have a little patience.

The other often seeks eye contact in groups

When you meet up with others, your crush constantly seeks eye contact with you. Don’t underestimate the value of eye contact, especially in a group setting. All those other people around you make that moment between you extra intimate.

And even if the other person’s feelings aren’t quite as strong as yours right now, there’s at least a particular connection in the air that you both feel when you make eye contact.

You undertake ‘romantic’ activities

Do you take walks in the woods together, do you get ice cream on a beautiful summer day, do you dance wildly together in the kitchen, and do you share food? Regardless of whether the other person does this consciously or not, it is a sign that there is a possibility to continue this from friendship in a relationship.

You’ve had (more often) awkward moments

Well, that was awkward. Your faces came remarkably close together; your friend is silent or uneasy about dates with others, you feel a certain tension.

Then there is a chance that the other person feels that too. The more awkward, the more likely there is more to it than just friendship.

They discuss about you to friends

Especially if your friend’s friends don’t know you, it’s a good sign that the other person is talking about you. Because without your mutual friends, you wouldn’t be the subject of conversation so quickly. Of course, it depends on the context in which it happens, but it is a good sign.

There’s nothing you can’t discuss

You’re talking about everything (except maybe dates with others). You trust each other, nothing feels strange, and you can be vulnerable with each other. And if you can talk about everything, then that is an excellent basis for a love relationship.

You often get compliments

If your crush often compliments you, that’s a good sign, especially if they come from the heart. These can be subtle hints to let you know that you are special to the other person.

Your friend confides in you

If you’re their go-to person when the other person is down, that’s a good sign. If your friend is having trouble at work, feeling depressed, or facing a big decision and calling you about it, it means you have a unique role in your friend’s life. Be careful: if you are continuously called about love troubles, you are more likely to be seen as friends. Unless the other is doing it to make you jealous, of course.

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