This way you can give your desire a boost: 7 practical tips

Is not it all about roses in the bedroom? Then you are not alone. After all, research shows that a third of the women are occasionally lacking in enthusiasm. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple tricks to return the sezual appetite. Tonight, honey!

Schedule a date night occasionally

Collapsing together on the couch with a bag of chips can be fun, but it’s not exactly sezy. An old-fashioned date night is. Choose your outfit with care, get ready, switch on a babysitter and pull out together. Rose petals or expensive dinners are absolutely not a must. If you just take the time to talk to each other again preferably about something other than the children or all those chores that await you and enjoy each other’s company.

Look in your medicine cabinet

It is possible that a certain medicine is a culprit. If a certain component can indeed lower your lib!do, it is normally stated on the package leaflet. For example, medicines for high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, or depression can make you lose your sezual appetite. If certain pills are indeed the culprits, it is best to search for an alternative together with your doctor.

Divide household tasks fairly

Washing, peeling, cooking, and cleaning up as a tornado eyeball finally lies in his or her bed: there are often too few hours in a day to fulfill your parental obligations. The first victim that falls into such hectic times is intimacy. Stopping the clock is unfortunately not an option, but the tasks are fairly divided. Do the daily worries make you want to disappear like snow in the sun? Talk about it with your partner and search together for a solution that makes you happy both in and outside the bedroom.

Spend love in the bedroom

Again, rose petals or candles are not a must, but a magje. Focus on the real mood killer. Pets are cuddly, but Fifi and Max crawl better in their own bed at night. After all, nothing is such a letdown as a dog that gazes at you in the heat of the moment or a cat that largely upsets the foreplay with its lingering mists. Children also best give their own bedroom. In this way, you experience your couple of times in privacy.

Put love making on your to-do list

We plan meetings, evenings with friends, and family visits. Why does s*x always have to happen spontaneously? Admittedly, it does not sound really romantic. But by planning intimacy and reserving time for each other, you show your partner that you still want to work on your relationship.

Use lubricant

Getting in the right mood is almost impossible if you always experience pain during s*x. One of the main causes is vag!nal dryness. Some lubricants can increase the pleasure for both of you.

Ontstress and the rest will come naturally

Everyday stressors like your work, the health of your children, or that one parking fine may keep you from your sleep… and from the mood to make love. In times of stress, our body produces an abundance of cortisol, a hormone that can suppress lib!do. Empty your head before diving under the sheets. Take a warm bath, read a good book or ask your partner with puppy eyes for a massage: the possibilities are endless.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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