9 things you should learn to deny yourself

There are things without which you can live quite calmly without sacrificing the quality of life, comfort, and without dropping your self-esteem. Some of your habits actually only take away your time, energy, money, and other resources that you can direct to something more important. We have collected a few examples of what you should learn to deny yourself.

In the waste of money

Money is a valuable resource that opens almost any door for you. It is for this reason that you must learn how to handle money properly. Of course, we are not talking about total savings, when you deny yourself literally everything and count every penny. No, it’s not worth living like that either. This is fraught with constant deprivation, feelings of dissatisfaction, severe stress, and other problems that will prevent you from receiving positive emotions.

It’s enough just to reduce your useless expenses — for example, stop paying for subscriptions to applications that you don’t use, call a taxi when you can get to your destination in 10-15 minutes by public transport, buy a thing that you won’t use more than once or twice. Before paying for any purchase, always think about how justified it is. This will help you save money for something that you’ve been wanting for a long time, but can’t afford.

In the desire to succumb to temptation

Try to honestly answer the question of how often you act, succumbing to temptation. If you do not have developed willpower, most likely, you often commit rash acts. For example, you decide to start losing weight and bring your body back to normal, and after a few days, after seeing discounts at your favorite restaurant, you order pizza or burgers. Or you’re going to save money for a big purchase, save money, and, accidentally finding yourself with friends in a bar, you spend half the amount on a drink.

There can be a huge number of examples — some of them are quite insignificant, and some strongly prevent you from maintaining the normal quality of your life and achieving your goals. Train your self-control — you must learn to ignore the temptations that come your way and keep moving forward.

In an effort to quit what was started after the first mistake

When you start something new, it’s silly to hope that you will succeed on the first try. Before you are satisfied with the results you have achieved, you will have to go through a lot of disappointment, make hurtful mistakes, revise the original plan. The main thing is that the doubts that you will definitely have in the process of work do not knock you off the intended course. Don’t give in to the idea that you need to give up everything. So you will only cancel out all the efforts that you have been methodically investing in for a long time.

In the desire to say everything you think

Think about this: why do you say out loud those words that do not benefit you and do not make you or other people happier? The habit of saying everything you think about carries with it only one negative. This is not straightforwardness, as many for some reason believe, but an ordinary inability to filter information and restrain their desire to appear smart.

Limit yourself in statements. Try to talk less and listen more, and even better – if you prefer active actions to words.

The need to know what others think about you and your actions

Life becomes easier when you get rid of the desire to get approval from others. You no longer have to do what someone else likes, give up what you want, worry about how your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors will react to your words or actions.

Make it a rule not to question your decisions, values, and interests. Just do what you think is right, and don’t think about whether it’s right in the eyes of other people or not. You will never be liked by everyone without exception.

In self-obsession

Stop obsessing about yourself — the planet does not revolve around itself. Of course, it’s great that you constantly analyze your words and actions, monitor your feelings, avoid unpleasant situations that provoke you to negativity. But with all this, it is important to keep a balance. From excessive attention to oneself to infantilism, selfishness and shifting responsibility is just one step.

It’s cool when you put yourself in the first place, but it’s absolute nonsense if, at the same time, you consider yourself to owe nothing to anyone. You need to stay somewhere in the middle, without overdoing it with a constant desire to analyze everything around you. Try to learn how to just relax and live, enjoying it. Well, reconsider your views: it may turn out that you exalt yourself too much over everyone around you.

In an effort to achieve more than you can

When they tell you that the possibilities are endless, don’t believe it. The person who promotes this is stuck in his dreams. Each of us initially had a different level: someone grew up in a poor family, and someone – in a rich one, one entered a prestigious university and studied a lot, the other barely passed to an unloved faculty and missed classes because he worked. And there are a lot of such examples — there are, of course, exceptions like people who have achieved everything without having any support, but these are special cases.

Your capabilities also have some limits. It is important to be able to understand what is real and what is not. Creating a company that will bring you money is quite realistic if you put a lot of time and effort into the process, develop a strategy, come up with a business idea. Becoming president, getting on the cover of Forbes, performing on the same stage with your favorite band is very unlikely. Give up unrealistic fantasies in order to invest your resources in something achievable that will change your life for the better right now.

In useless communication

You can spend a lot of time communicating with people who don’t help you develop but only drag you to the bottom. At the same time, you sacrifice resources that you could invest in self-improvement, quality rest, meetings with loved ones. Useless communication can help you get rid of the feeling of loneliness, but its effect does not last long. So it’s better to try to understand yourself and understand what makes you initiate meaningless interaction with people.

In junk food and drinks

Firstly, a lot of money is spent on junk food — semi-finished products, fast food, food from deliveries. It is much cheaper, tastier, and healthier to buy food and cook for yourself. If you don’t have time for this, then you don’t know how to organize it properly. Choose 1-2 days a week in which you will devote a couple of hours to cooking, and prescribe recipes in advance. You can prepare your meals for a week ahead by storing them in the freezer and refrigerator.

Secondly, the abuse of junk food will greatly affect your health and figure. You will easily plant your stomach and gain extra pounds. So try to approach the issue of nutrition with all seriousness. To get the latest stories, install our app here

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