A bitch saved after being tied up and molested by gang of men

A bitch was saved after being tied up and molested by several men in South Africa.

The bitch was saved by a good Samaritan who spotted her.

The citizen of heart took her to the Matlosana Animal Shelter, where it was discovered that the animal had suffered serious injuries.

The animal must receive care.

Sharing the story on Facebook, Matlosana Animal Shelter wrote: “This Boerboel was brought to Matlosana Animal Shelter this morning, by a good Samaritan. She suffered serious injuries in her private parts.”

“The good Samaritan found and saved her after a gang molested her. I know we are all upset, but please refrain from any derogatory comments.”

“We are doing this post to ask for help with her vet’s account for follow up. We do not publish shocking photos. Help us show him that not all humans are monsters.”

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