A girl born with an Arabic inscription in Nigeria

Nigerian parent gave birth to a baby with strange Arabian marks on her body; they think she has a special gift. The baby girl who came into the world with strange Arabic marks on some parts of her body convinced her parents to believe that it is a “miracle of Allah.”

An unusual event that happened a few days ago has surprised a whole community in Nigeria and has gone around the world. It is the birth of a baby girl with a strange Arabic inscription on her chest, thigh, and back. To make matters worse, as reported by local media, in addition to the strange brands in Arabic with which the girl was born, has a half moon sign on her ankle.

The baby girl was born on March 2, in Sokoto, Nigeria. According to Information Nigeria, she is the fourth daughter of Alhaji Hussaini and Saratu Yusuf, a couple who have been married for 16 years. Yusuf told local media that he never experienced anything strange during pregnancy, and believes it is “a miracle of Allah.”

A girl born with an Arabic inscription in Nigeria

“The pregnancy went without problems much more than others. I did not have any complications, from the beginning until the day I gave birth at the Police Clinic in Barth Road Sokoto. The delivery began around 6:00 am and ended at exactly 6:00 pm,” she recalled.

Her father indicated that other of the particular characteristics with which the baby has been born is her skin too hard and resistant as for a baby of his age, since, according to the mother, she tried to pierce her ears to put earrings on her and could not achieve it, due to the resistant texture of her skin.

A girl born with an Arabic inscription in Nigeria

The parents took the baby to the house of the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Saad Abubakar, who gave them a large amount of money, a ram, and clothing for the baby, along with prayers so that the girl is always blessed.

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