A new relationship and many friends: how you keep them

There are different ways to express how important friendship is. Although a new relationship can be a breaker. You are hopelessly in love and then you have to ask yourself the question: do you put your friends aside for your new flame?

Nope! Not true!! Not you!!! Even if you put your relationship first, your friends will understand that, right? It is important that when you make room for romance in your life, you seek out a new routine for you and your friends. Having a conversation about how you are going to handle it can help, but there are still many ways that make it easy to keep your bond strong.

Traditions are traditions
Whether it’s a lady’s night or an evening drinking with the men: a tradition that you have long valued for, must remain intact. Yes, it’s nice that your friends get to know your partner but leave him at home on lady’s night. In addition, it is also important that you do not just call your friends when your partner has no time. Show that they are still a priority.

When you watch a movie with your loved one, it can be tempting to ignore that phone call or message from your girlfriend. You can send a message later, right? Of course. But if you are less accessible then the phone calls are also likely to stay away. Do take it or even if your conversation is shorter than usual, explain that it does not work out right now. This way you show that you are still there for your friends.

When you always miss things
It can be fun, cosy with a nice evening at home. But missing a friend’s birthday is not okay. When you are friends, you are there for each other, that means that you are also present at the events they organize.

When they do not understand your relationship
During your relationship, did you not inform your friends about how it is between you? Then that can cause incomprehension when you have a fight and ask for advice. That is not their fault in that case. Being open and talking about your relationship, about the good and bad things, ensures that they can support you if things go less well.

Do not always bring your partner
Asked for a dinner with a few friends and they suddenly have to add a sign for your partner? Often that is not so bad but think about it. Is your love usually the only one who comes along, while all others leave their love at home? Then it may be that your friends need some quality time. Send a text message “love ‘are there any sweeties?’” making your plans can never hurt.

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