I have aborted 7 times, today I am seeking for a solution to give birth

You will certainly judge me, but I bitterly regret my mistakes of the past. I had made the promise to marry as virgin, as we have our dreams but there are also the realities of life.

I grew up in a Christian family, my parents were church leaders but that did not stop me from doing what I did.

I was a very bright girl at school. I had excellent grades and my other asset was also my beauty. I did a primary and secondary course without fail. After my admission to the higher institution, I lost my virginity out of curiosity.

I became pregnant because I did not know how to calculate my period but I immediately aborted, it became a breeze. I thought it was going to be the first and last time but I plunged my soul because of my friendships.

Bad companies corrupt good morals

My friends talking to me encouraged me to lead a life that was not mine. I learned the art of making love. That’s how I always lined up men in bed. I could line up two a day with no regret on average.

I had arrived at a stage where I only wove relationships with married men, every time I contracted a pregnancy, I suppressed it, I aborted up to seven fetuses.

In my debauchery, I met a wealthy man who wanted me despite my past. He married me and we are in our fifth year of marriage. I still have not born and it’s the war between my mother-in-law and me who wants to impose a second wife.

She often brings girls home for my husband to have sex with them. My mother-in-law has sworn to end my relationship with her son if I do not give her descendants.

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  1. Such a sad one, well if you believe in God then you will sing a victory song at the end.
    This will also serve as a warning to those ladies who also love to abort

  2. It’s sad to read your story but we should be careful in whatever we do in life because they will surely hunt us in the long run and if you do good you will rip the fruit of your labor and when you do bad it returns to you.

    However, Nothing is impossible to the God almighty you can still have your children, ask God for forgiveness and have trust in him, he will surely forgive and grant your heart desires because he is a merciful God.

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