African money rituals on online: their methods and tricks

African money rituals are not left behind. In Africa, secrets cults, Vodoo, deities, and money rituals have joined the game and have various online platforms.

In the information age, everything is moving digitally at the blow of a whistle. The presence of African money rituals online has increased recently on various social media platforms and websites. They will lure you into paying some bucks. Then, you will be given some incantations to performs in other to increase your bank account. But does that really work?

These money rituals, perpetrated in Africa by some claimed marabouts, native doctors, charmers, etc., and fueled by the beliefs in black magic, are not a new phenomenon in Africa but recently have upsurge online with different tips, tricks, and deceptions.

Recently, the different surveys pointed out that some of the reasons some African youths seeking magick money tend to increase in economic hardship times. But can the money be multiplied through a spell or magic? One would wonder if there are any proven testimonies.

Every day, they keep pumping out different ritual money methods, in which, in their video, you will see various sorts of currencies.

Most time, they will flood your inbox with some messages like: “DISTANCE IS NOT A BARIER…. Good day, the great is here to help and solve your problem. Do you know you can get stinky rich without killing anybody or any of your relatives? take a bold step out of poverty to your world of riches there is no side effects, I am a spiritual helper who helps people. Call or WhatsApp…..

In other to trap their prey, they will make the video clip so intense to confuse their victims. However, whoever wants to follow their track should ask a question. If they will increase your bank account via magic spells, why are they not more prosperous, and why must they ask you to pay before you get the money?

Some of their victims have explained their unseen tactics and advised others to be extremely careful.

Some of their tips for money rituals

First, they will convince you to pay before they tell you some methods to make ritual money. Below are their ways and what they will say to you:

“Another money ritual that can be used in emergencies is the following: This silver ritual requires: a green candle; three pieces of silver; salt.”

“Write on the green candle the amount of money you need. Don’t be greedy, always be reasonable. Remember, you have to believe that this money will actually get to you.”

“Now put the candle and the three pieces of silver on your altar or space for the rituals. While the elements are charging, turn on your tub faucet and fill it up, without thinking about money or the ritual of attracting money.”

“When finished, put the three silver coins with a pinch of salt in the water. Place the candle at the foot of your tub. Light the candle and turn off the other lights in your bathroom.”

“Make yourself comfortable in the water. Focus on the candle flame and visualize how to get money. Say the following sentence: “The green dragonflies over the sea, bringing me wealth and prosperity.” So the money ritual is over.”

If after performing the first tactics and it doesn’t work, they will blame you for not properly do it well. Then, they will tell the second method, which is still abracadabra. Below is their second money ritual method to convince you of getting a bank credit alert.

“Attracting money and luck: this magic makes it easy: Combine these in the right way, and money, luck, and whatever else you want will come your way. You can use the rituals below for anything you want to use, but they specifically provide money and happiness in this form. Use it to your advantage!”


“Before this ritual, it is advisable to shower first, wash your hair and body well, and get in a good mood. Dance beforehand, turn on cheerful, happy music, in short: make sure you are in a good flow.”

“During the ritual, try to think about large mountains of money, tinkling coins, happiness, cheerfulness, and positivity as much as possible. You can rub in a sweet oil or burn it. Cinnamon is also a good scent for this ritual. You can eat something sweet, or something with cinnamon, in between or afterwards.”

“Necessities: green paper, green candle, 12 coins, envelope, sugar, cinnamon.”

“The ritual for money and happiness starts with a piece of green paper. If you don’t have that, you can, of course, color a piece of white paper green. The paper should be large enough for the coins to be placed on it in a circle, spaced about 1 cm apart.”

“Light a green candle and drip some wax onto the paper. Press a coin in there. Repeat this operation 12 times, creating a circle of coins. With every coin, you imagine how mountains of money come into your life.”

“You suddenly see a bank statement with a few thousand monies, you find a bag of money, you receive a package with a gold bar: let your imagination run wild. When you’re done, and the wax has dried, pull the coins loose (you can use them in the ritual below). You fold the paper and put it in an envelope. Add a little cinnamon and sugar and seal the envelope. Later bury it in soil. If you continue with the next ritual, let the candle burn before that, otherwise, you can extinguish it now.”

“Prolong the effect”

“If you want to extend the effect, you can use the above text’s coins for this next ritual.”

“Items: dish, rice, magnetic bracelet, coins, green candle, sugar, cinnamon.”

“Pour enough rice into a bowl or deep plate. Mix this with some sugar and cinnamon. In the middle, you put on a magnetic bracelet. Place the 12 coins from the previous ritual around it with the side with candle wax facing down, again in a circle.”

“Take the still-burning green candle from the previous ritual and drip a little candle wax on each coin. Imagine the same kind of money images as above—bags of money, etc. When you have had all the coins, drop a circle around the coins into the rice. That does not have to be a closed circle, because the candle wax drips naturally.”

“As long as it looks like a circle. Visualize all that money and luck from the coins withdrawing your bracelet. Extinguish the candle and place the dish in front of a window. Leave it there overnight. You can preferably scatter the rice in nature, otherwise, you throw it in the trash. You scrape the coin off as much of the wax as possible and then spend it.”

From the above methods, do you think the magic money will come?

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