After his experience, Shatta Bandle won’t dare Camel again!

Would Shatta Bandle dare Camel again? His first experience with the animal has a big question mark. The Self-proclaimed Ghanaian billionaire Shatta Bandle has been spotted in a funny new video, which has gone viral on social media.

In the first video, a rather excited Shatta is seen riding a four-wheeled motorcycle in the desert. He also got on the back of a camel and yelled to get off.

The Ghanaian hunk of a man, who presents himself on social networks as the richest in Africa

, Shatta Bandle, is currently in Dubai and enjoying his stay. In the first video, we see Shatta quite excited, driving a four-wheeled motorcycle in the desert.

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After waiting for a while, he took off with the motorcycle without the help of anyone and started to descend what looked like a mountain of sand. Curious as he is, despite his small size, Shatta Bandle will try other experiences in the city of all dreams.

In another video of his adventures in Dubai, Shatta Bandle was seen riding a camel. In the video on his Instagram account, he was seen with other people. As soon as he got on the back of the animal of more than 2 meters long and more than 500 kg, the young Ghanaian jet-setter began to scream like a child: “Hold me well, I will fail”.

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A post shared by Shatta Bandles (@shatta_bandle_)

Shatta then asked the supervisors to stop the animal and make him get off. He even grabbed onto the man sitting behind him, what seems to be fear of height.

However, the show doesn’t stop immediately. At one point, Shatta Bandle’s screams became so loud and annoying that the safari organizers had no choice but to remove him.

Many fans of the Ghanaian social media sensation took to the comments section to react to the video. “Someone should hold him anyway.” And “why are the legs hanging out,” Sir Nesbitt mocked. “Look at my husband enjoying life. Yesoo! And many other laugh emojis can be read in the comment section.

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