Kuldhara: what mysteries does the cursed village of death, inhabited by ghosts, hold?

The settlement appears out of nowhere, almost like a mirage, on the route. Houses that have fallen into disrepair are filled with light from the relentless sun. Despite the inhospitality of these locations, travellers flock to Kuldhara in large numbers. Every element needed for a fantastical adventure of any magnitude is present here: a mystery, captivating mythology, and much more.

Kuldhara village
Kuldhara Village – ©iStockphotos

The Indian settlement of Kuldhara, which was abandoned two centuries ago, seems in both story and actuality to be almost identical.

Aspects of the mythology of Kuldhara are reflected by the reality of life in rural India. Of course, the narrative that has been handed down from generation to generation for ages has gotten so entangled with many colourful details and conjectures that it has become hard to distinguish between the truth and the lies. What has happened has taken on the appearance of some kind of horrific fairy tale, deserving of the honours of a horror film. In an infamously complex narrative with a surprise conclusion, ghosts, unstoppable evil, and a terrible curse are all part of the deal.

From all of the legends that have been told about Kuldhara that this was a village where Paliwali Brahmins from Rajasthan settled. Salim Singh, the state king, was enormously wealthy, crazily wicked, and entirely devoid of any morality or sense of responsibility. He came upon Elder Kuldhara’s daughter, who he thought was breathtakingly lovely. The almighty wealthy man is used to receiving anything he wants on the same day he requests it. ‘I demand that this young lady be handed to me as a wife,’ he said.

The father was adamant. Salim Singh then hiked taxes from the village to the highest point in the sky and claimed that if the girl was not delivered to him, he would kill all of the residents of Kuldhara, which they refused to do. The monarch, enraged with anger, granted the Brahmins time to reflect till the next morning. The locals met together, discussed their options, and ultimately chose to leave this location. They all left their houses at the same time, in the middle of the night, without a word. They cursed Kuldhara for the rest of their lives before departing. Anyone who attempts to establish a permanent residence here will now suffer an unavoidable death.

The cursed village

Ruins of Kuldhara
Ruins of Kuldhara – ©iStockphotos

According to legend, it is still a mystery where the people of Kuldhara disappeared and what happened to them to this day. The reality is that there were more than one and a half thousand individuals in attendance, and nobody noted the entrance of such a large number of people. Scientists have made several explanations, including those involving earthquakes, starvation, and war. There is no evidence to support any of the claims made above. Even though the settlement had been abandoned for a long time, individuals often attempted to settle in it for the first time, but every time, something horrible occurred. Since then, the community has become well-known due to its activities.

Several homes have been renovated to give visitors an impression of the structures in their previous incarnations.

Someone believes that the villagers did not leave their homes and that Salim Singh murdered all of them. Then they turned into ghosts, and they may still be seen roaming the remains. Others believe that the dishonoured girl committed suicide and that her spirit is cursed to walk the streets of this town for the rest of her days. Several desperate explorers made their way to one of the nearby adobe houses to spend the night. After then, they claimed to have seen shadows moving about in the darkness. Some claim to have felt the chilly touches of ghosts on their bodies.

what mysteries does the cursed village of death

Whether it is due to a curse or the ancestors’ faith, the community has remained abandoned to this day. As a result, the town’s architecture has stayed almost unchanged for generations, and it dates back to a period that has long since passed away and been forgotten. The mud-brick walls that support the shattered roofs of Kuldhara’s modest dwellings are still standing. The open courtyards have withstood the test of time and the elements, and the upper floors of the homes are high enough to afford spectacular views of the surrounding area. The travellers are greeted with deafeningly quiet stone pavilions. In the heart of the village, a grand antique temple rises majestically from the ground.

The Archaeological Survey of India has taken custody of the remains of Kuldhara, which were previously under their authority. Even in the absence of such thrilling stories, the surrounding areas enchant with their great natural beauty. On the other hand, Locals provide a lot of colour to the ghost town by telling a variety of fascinating stories about the town’s strange history.

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