After Russia, Malaysia also deleting ‘gay scenes’ from ‘Rocketman’

Cinema-goers who go to ‘Rocketman’ in Malaysia will see a slightly shorter version of the film. Like Russia, the country has had the ‘gay scenes’ cut from the Elton John film.

‘Rocketman’ can be seen in Malaysia since this week. Homosexuality is seen in the Southeast Asian country as a crime with a maximum sentence of 20 years. “We do not allow scenes that promote LGBT people in films that can be seen in public,” a film review spokesperson told Reuters.

“Although it is about the real-life of Elton John, it is not up to him to show the public what he does or what activities he engages in that are not part of our culture.”

After the adaptation, the film about the famous British artist was found suitable for viewers of 18 years and older. Earlier Malaysia also fell over ‘Beauty and the Beast’ because of a gay character in the Disney movie.

The country asked for the excerpt in which LeFou comes out to be scrapped for its orientation, but Disney refused. It was then decided not to show the film in the country.

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