AI company develops detector that detects social distance

A company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) for the production sector has developed a detector that indicates whether someone respects the social distance. The sensor can analyze video images from cameras in real-time.

The company in question is called Landing AI and was founded by the well-known American professor and businessman Andrew Ng. The detector is primarily intended for companies so that they can check whether the rules on social distancing are being respected in the workplace.

For example, AI technology can be integrated into the software of security cameras aimed at the shop floor in a factory.

A demo movie shows that people who do not respect social distance light up in red, and the others in green. A line is used to indicate which people are not at a sufficient range.

According to Landing AI, the system could also sound an alarm, making people aware that they need to keep more distance.

The company says the system does not recognize individuals, which is important in terms of privacy.

It does emphasize that it is better to be used only in a transparent way and with the express permission of everyone involved.

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