Algeria: boycott of the Arabic language is gaining momentum

After the At-Zmenzer High School, the campaign to boycott the Arabic language, conducted on social networks, now extends to the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou

According to the reports on the site AlgeriaObser. Indeed, the anonymous call launched on social networks, a few weeks ago for the boycott of the Arabic language has spread widely in several high schools in the four corners of the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou. High school students Ouadhias and those of Tizi n Tlata froze the courts this morning. Afterwards, they made an appointment to downtown to improvise a walk.

According to local sources, several minors were arrested by the police. They were suspected of belonging to the independence movement led by Ferhat Mehenni. Similarly, in Bouzeguene, where the Arabic classes are also boycotted, the high school students improvised a march under the same slogan as that of the Ouadhias: “My Ulac Tamazight, Ulac Taɛrabt” (if there is no Tamazight, there is no Arab) after watching a sit-in.

In total, about a dozen high schools went on an Arabic-language strike to follow the protest movement launched on social networks. Among the regions that boycott the teaching of Arabic, we count Tasaft Uguemoun, Tizi Ghennif, Freha, Maatkas, Makouda, Mekla, Djamaa Saharidj.

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