Algeria erected a 6,000-km barbed wire wall on its border with Morocco

To protect its border with Morocco, Algeria would have erected a wall including the equivalent of 6,000 kilometres of barbed wire. This is reported by the Moroccan newspaper Al Massae, citing Algerian sources.

Algeria has reportedly deployed the equivalent of a Chinese wall (6,400 kilometres) of barbed wire along its border with Morocco. According to the reports of Moroccan Arabic-language newspaper Al Massae, on 29 November.

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6,000 kilometres of barbed wire were laid for this wall whose construction began. According to these sources, a few years ago. The Algerian authorities have also installed dozens of surveillance towers. Equipped with surveillance cameras along this wall, according to the same sources.

In order to reinforce the monitoring of the border with its Moroccan neighbour, Algeria has also, Al Massae recalls, acquired and deployed drones and radars connected directly to the border control services. This adds to the units of the army, gendarmerie and border guards who crisscross the eastern, western. And southern borders of the country, the newspaper added.

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