Algerian reportedly kill his son, hiding the corpse for 18 months

Suspected of having killed his son with a knife and hid his corpse for more than a year at home, an Algerian living in Neuilly-sur-Seine appears this February 10 before the Assize Court.

It is a case that dates back five years but whose judicial trial opens this Wednesday, February 10. A 69-year-old Algerian suspected of the murder of his son must appear before the Hauts-de-Seine assize court, reports Le Parisien.

On June 6, 2017, the police, accompanied by a bailiff and a locksmith, came to this Algerian apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Once inside, she found its occupant in critical condition. He had just stabbed himself.

The smell in the apartment was unbearable. The police had then found a body hidden in a carpet, in very advanced decomposition, specifies the daily.

Accidental thesis not very credible

Once recovered, the Algerian explained that he had not killed his son and that the latter had himself fallen on a knife while jumping on his bed.

The facts had taken place before the school holidays, in December 2015. The father had affirmed that they had quarreled because the teenager did not want to spend Christmas in Algeria.

The daily specifies that the accidental thesis seems hardly credible. However, the 60-year-old assured that his son’s death had caused a state of “astonishment” in him, which is why he had not called for help and had left the body to decompose during the 18 months.

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