Ali Bongo speaks for the first time since his convalescence

President Ali Bongo presented his wishes to the Gabonese people in his New Year’s speech. This is the first time he has been speaking since his convalescence following a stroke on October 24th.

In a video recorded in Rabat, Morocco, and broadcast Monday night by Gabonese media and social networks, Ali Bongo wanted to reassure his compatriots on his health. “Today, as you can see, I am better, and prepare to find you very quickly,” said the president of Gabon.

In two months, only one photo of the president and two videos, without sound, shot in Rabat, had been broadcast. These images did not reassure many Gabonese about the physical and intellectual capacities of the president.

“This speech is proof that President Ali Bongo is fully recovered and his health problems are now behind him,” said presidential spokesman Ike Ngouoni.

That same Monday evening, opponent Jean Ping, former presidential candidate of 2016, who claims to be the elected president of Gabon “with more than 65% of votes”, also expressed his wishes to the Gabonese.

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