American nuns obscure half a million of school fees

Two nuns from a Catholic school in California are suspected of having obscured sum of 500,000 dollars in school fees. They would have spent the money in the casino and on trips, the archbishopric of Los Angeles said.

According to ABC News, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang, respectively, director and teacher at the St. James Catholic school in Redondo Beach, succeeded for at least six years in using school fees for their own use without anyone getting suspicious. The parents have now been informed by a letter from Father Michael Meyers.

The nuns received tons of donations, school fees and other allowances, while they made the parents believe that the school had a tight budget, according to local media. The school board was aware of the scams of the two. When they retired this year and a new director was appointed to look into the financial administration. The order to which the two nuns belong. The sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, will repay all the darkened money to the school. The order also stated that she will impose “appropriate punishments” on the sisters. Whether the nuns will also be prosecuted is not yet known.

The accused nuns have in the meantime expressed their deepest regret and ask in their prayers for forgiveness, as the father told the parents in the letter. According to him, the students of the school are “in no way” disadvantaged by the fraud.

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