American singer: “Tina Turner did suicide attempt in 1968”

The American singer Tina Turner (78) did an attempt to kill herself with an overdose of sleeping pills at the time of her ‘horror marriage’ with Ike Turner in 1968. That can be read in the biography ‘My Love Story’, which is released later this month and which Radar Online quotes a part of.

The marriage between the singers Ike and Tina was full of incidents in which Tina was mistreated by Ike several times and he deceived her with several women. The infidelity and abuse resulted in an overdose of the singer on sleeping pills in 1968. “I did it premeditated. It felt like something I had to do. Immediately after dinner I took the pills, fifty pieces, which was not easy. I have tricked a doctor with a story about sleep problems to get the pills,” Tina says about the attempt.

Not long after taking the pills, the singer’s staff discovered that something was wrong. She was taken to the hospital where her stomach was emptied. When she woke up, she found an angry and scathing Ike at the hospital bed. In 1976 the couple separated.

Earlier this year, Craig Turner, the son of Tina, committed suicide at the age of 59 in his Los Angeles home. Craig worked in the brokerage business. Tina got Craig when she was eighteen with saxophonist Raymond Hill. When she married Ike Turner four years later, the singer adopted the toddler.

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