Aminata Touré, young lady from Mali, elected vice-president of parliament in Germany

The 26-year-old German woman was elected Vice-President of the Regional Parliament of the State of Schleswig-Holstein on Wednesday (August 28), a first for a woman of African origin, says Deutsch Weller.

Aminata Toure has received 46 votes out of 69 and is official, since Wednesday, August 28, Vice-President of the Parliament of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany. In a Tweet, the young parliamentarian describes her ambitions.

In Germany, regional parliaments make essential decisions for the police, nurseries, universities, transport… Aminata Toure will remain in this post for approximately two and a half years, until 2022, during the next regional elections in her region.

Double culture

The young woman had a mixed career: her host country is as much a part of her life as her country of origin. “I always had both worlds in me: the origin of my parents – Mali, and the country where I live – Germany At one point, I did not want to have to decide for one of the two. So I use a term coined by a feminist black women’s movement here in Germany: Afro-German.”

Born in Germany of Malian parents, the young woman wants to fight for an open and egalitarian society. “When we look at the figures, more than 20% of people in Germany have an immigrant background. I think something like that should also be in politics because otherwise some of the realities of life will not be reflected,” she explains.

Aminata Touré studied politics and philosophy. In April 2019, she participated in a leadership program organized by the Obama Foundation. She had the honor of introducing the 44th US President at the inaugural ceremony.

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