Ancient Byzantine trash “reveal” shocking facts about the death of the empire

Archaeologists have uncovered ancient Byzantine garbage dumps in the settlement of Elusa. The settlement is located in the Israeli desert. The researchers were surprised by the competent disposal of garbage, but the ideal order of waste disposal was interrupted 100 years before the death of the empire. So, what happened to the kingdom?

In the successor of ancient Rome, an epidemic known as the plague of Justinian broke out, and the climate began to change (it got colder sharply). Tens of millions of people died from a terrible disease!

The village of Elusa
The village of Elusa

The village of Elusa itself was previously surveyed, but previous archaeologists did not look at the garbage mountains. But settlements were built and destroyed, and the ideal order of centuries-old layers reigned in landfills.

The head of the archaeological party Bar-Oz said, “For me, this is a real gold mine, giving knowledge about the daily life of people from the past”.

Seeds among the materials found
Seeds among the materials found

In the garbage, scientists found a huge amount of materials to study; ceramic fragments, seeds, household items, and remnants of “exquisite products” that came to the tables of residents from Egypt.

Based on the results of the work, historians have concluded. The collapse of the state began 100 years before the invasion of the Ottomans. Climate change and disease have ruined the empire.

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