Anklets on lady’s legs: Is it a sin to wear Anklet?

In Western culture, Anklets not usually worn for reasons other than to please the wearer, attract attention and push little charming to onlookers. But like a most ornament, the history of anklets goes back to ancient times.

An anklet is also called an ankle string or ankle bracelet, is a piece of jewellery worn around the ankle. It mostly symbolized fashion, marital status, social status etc.

History of Anklet

In ancient times in Egypt, leg bracelets were extremely fashionable. They were stylish jewellery for wealthy women. These women often demonstrated their status with flashy stones and metals.

Women of the low working class usually wore handmade bracelets made of simple metals. They made jewellery by hand to include symbols that they believed would bring them good fortune in the future.

A lady with Anklet on her leg
A lady with Anklet on her leg

In India, anklets and the materials from which they made served various purposes in the Hindu religion. Usually, the anklets had bells and amulets that made a noise, signalling men when women approached and essentially warning them to behave and be respectful. Both married women and unmarried girls could wear such bracelets.

Strikingly, the metals that adorn the feet highly prized in the Hindu religion. Silver is the precious common metal used, and it is rare gold. Gold is sacred in India, and to wear it on the feet, so close to the ground, would be considered blasphemy.

Anklets on lady’s legs: Is it a sin to wear Anklet?

Today the meaning of wearing anklets has evolved to be recognized as a symbol of promiscuity and a nautical cult that is misguided. As a result, modern African women avoid wearing anklets, which hinders the development of our culture as a people.

Different styles of Anklet

  • Pearl foot bracelet
  • Yellow or white gold bracelets
  • Pure silver bracelets
  • Ankle bracelets embellished with diamonds or gemstones
  • Ankle bracelets with beads
  • Leather anklets
  • Homemade woven designs

The reason why women wear an anklet


As stated above, a leg bracelet is a great fashion accessory, just as most women wear earrings. It may perhaps one of the few things men can’t wear carelessly unless they attend a formal event. In Africa, some of our cultures and traditions allow us to wear a leg bracelet as such should not be judged when she appears on a leg bracelet

To seduce men

There are different types of leg bracelets, and each one has a specific meaning and purpose. What you wear to work should be completely different from what you wear on a date with your partner or when you have other plans. Leg bracelets and waist beads can be great excitement for men. It’s best to know what your man wants and dress accordingly to please him.

Anklets on lady’s legs
Anklets on lady’s legs

Adorns the legs

Like a necklace or bracelet, leg bracelets are great fashion accessories that every stylish woman should own. Indirectly, wearing leg bracelets contributes to proper grooming and overall appearance. Before she puts on an ankle bracelet, she ensures that her pedicure is entirely in place and her play with her shoes is incredible.

Relieving Pain

If you often experience leg pain, numbness, tingling, or general weakness in your legs, wearing a bracelet may be an excellent remedy for you.

An immune booster.

A beautiful silver foot bracelet not only beautifies your feet but also works magic on your body, and with it comes many health benefits.

Anklets on lady’s legs: Is it a sin to wear Anklet?
Silver Anklet

Wearing silver foot bracelets ensures that your lymph glands are activated, boosting your immunity. Silver ankle bracelets also have antibacterial properties, so that an ankle bracelet may be the best accessory for you.

Solah Shringar or 16

For Indian women, silver anklets are part of the 16 Shringar, and wearing anklets signifies a woman’s marital status. It’s believed that the anklets symbolize good fortune for the woman and her husband.

To make you feel self-assured.

The exact feeling you get when you wear underwear is precisely how you feel when you wear a bracelet. It makes you feel assured inside out and even changes the way you look. The girlish strength and power within you suddenly reach the horizon. Men love confident women, women who know what they want and go for it.

Is wearing an anklet a sin?

What you like, maybe what he hates. Gone are the days when the public criticized and ridiculed women who publicly wore anklets. They were labelled and called all sorts of names because they show her high fashion sense.

There is very few, if any, research that shows the history of ankle bracelets seen as a sin in any culture. The only argument for this that we have encountered in our study comes from the Christian Bible. Anklets are mentioned twice in the Bible, Isaiah chapter 3:16-18. But there is no positive or negative reasoning associated with anklets in the Bible.

Whether or not wearing it, one would be considered a sin depending on the situation and the reason for wearing it. Frankly, you could argue that almost anything that is a sin based on the case. Somehow, personal preference with a clear mind might be overstretched to be against believed-practices because of previous event or assumptions attached to it.

Anklet on her leg
Anklet on her leg

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