Another Ebola center in the Congo burned down

In Eastern Congo, another transit center for Ebola patients has gone up in flames. In Mamboa in the province of North Kivu, angry villagers have also set fire to various emergency services vehicles. According to the reports from the head of the Lubero district, Richard Nyembo.

Two Ebola centers were already attacked in North Kivu in February, after which the MSF-Holland relief organization withdrew from the affected locations. The attacks and mistrust of the population are one of the biggest obstacles in the fight against the deadly epidemic.

Another Ebola center in the Congo burned down

In the transit center in Mamboa, patients under strict security measures are examined for a possible Ebola infection

. Sick patients are taken from there to a treatment center. The attack occurred after a possibly infected patient died and a central team wanted to take more samples.

According to the authorities, around 930 people have so far been infected with an extremely dangerous virus, nearly 600 of them have died. The epidemic has since grown to become the second most severe Ebola outbreak in history. In 2014/2015, the worst epidemic of Ebola in West Africa killed more than 11,000 people.

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