Archaeologists find human skull of more than 10,000 years old in China

A human skull found at the border of China with Mongolia and Russia is over 10,000 years old. That’s what scientists said today after carbon dating.

Of the four skulls that were found in the city of Manzhouli, the oldest is 10,113 years old. The other three people lived 7,400, 1,600 and 1,000 years ago, reports the Chinese news agency Xinhua. The area where the skulls were discovered is seen as the cradle of prairie culture in northern China. The human remains were already found in an open coal mine in the last century.

In 1933, human skulls were found in the Chinese city of Manzhouli. “Most skulls were not then unearthed by professional archaeologists. Making it difficult to determine how old the skulls were,” said Zhu Hong, a member of the research team at Jilin University.

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