Are you at home because of the coronavirus? Best games to have fun with

Many people are at home today in the fight against the coronavirus. They are encouraged to work from their living room, and it is also possible to stay indoors in the evening because many events have been canceled.

Time for a Netflix marathon or some board games for those who want something different, we have collected the best games of the moment.


1. Temptation Island, the game of seduction: The moment is finally there, the ultimate relationship test starts, and you and your friends can go on as a seductive couple on a beautiful island. Are you the great conqueror of Temptation Island? You have a clear goal in mind, but are you funny, sexy, or intelligent enough to seduce that person? Pull out all the stops to surpass your fellow players and ensure a convincing result during the campfire.

2. The Neighborhood Police – Real stories: With this super cool board game, you relive the real stories of The Neighborhood Police. Crack the most difficult files yourself based on reports made by the police force. The more files you solve, the more points you earn.

3. Peaky Blinders, under new management: Travel back in time to 1920s Birmingham in the Peaky Blinders board game. Play your part in an exciting gangster war between different groups. Increase your stats such as charisma, strength, and intelligence to defeat your opponents and complete your mission.

4. The Smartest Person in the World the board game: The smartest person in the World! Play the famous TV quiz at the table and find out who is the most intelligent. All elements of the TV quiz can be found in this board game. Earn seconds with the 3-6-9 round; quickly give the four correct answers in an open door, and can you solve the puzzle while the hard-earned seconds tick away? Experience the stress, play your opponent to 0 seconds to be crowned ‘The smartest person’ yourself.

5. Trivial Pursuit Friends: (Janice style) OH. MY. GOD! If you are a true Friends fan, you will dare to turn all your knowledge into reality with the Friends Trivial Pursuit game! This edition includes 600 questions, all based on all your favorite moments from Ross and Rachel’s Vegas wedding day to the classic Holiday Armadillo.

Card games

1. Unstable Unicorns: Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game about unicorns and destruction. Who doesn’t like that? There are 20 magical unicorns to collect, each with extraordinary power. Build an army of unicorns as quickly as possible before it is destroyed by one of your friends. Take revenge or defend your army with magical powers. The first player to create an army of 7 unicorns wins the game. Sounds simple, huh? But unfortunately, it is not.

2. Cards Against Humanity: Cards Against Humanity is a party game for terrible people. Each player takes ten white cards. One player is randomly selected as Card Czar and plays a black card. Card Czar reads the black card out loud. The other players answer the card with a white card and pass it on to the Card Czar. The Card Czar shuffles the answers and shares the card combin ations with the group. The Card Czar chooses the funniest combination, and the winner gets the point. After each round, everyone picks up a new white card, and the role of Card Czar is passed on.

3. Exploding Kittens: Exploding Kittens is a fantastic card game for people who love cats, explosions, laser beams, and sometimes goats. This tactical game is a variant of Russian roulette, but with exploding kittens. You take cards from the deck until you draw one of the dreaded exploding kittens. Then you immediately lost. With all other cards, you can defend yourself, attack, skip a turn, or distract the cats.

4. Bears vs. Babies: With this party game, you create fantastic bears (and other monsters) to eat horrible babies. Build a beautiful salmon armed with knives and burritos or a bat in a bat-winged business suit and take on the terrible babies. And not just any babies, but horrible babies with diapers, furry babies and babies shooting from their eyes with lasers.

5. What do you meme: Use your imagination and your sickest sense of humor; combine the photo of the round with your funniest text card. The players take turns judging and deciding which player has made the best combination. The player with the most curious combination of the round scores a point and wins the card. Play until someone has earned 20 points… or until you’re hungry and then order a pizza.

Board games for adults

1. Azul: In the tactical board game Azul, you have to decorate the walls of his royal palace with colorful tiles for the Portuguese king Manuel I. In the game, you form patterns with the tiles to decorate the palace. For specific patterns and complementary sets, score extra points. But have you wasted materials? Then points are deducted. The player with the most points wins the game Azul!

2. Ticket to Ride: Ticket to Ride is a graphical smartboard game that invites players to make rail connections between major cities in the US. The players are railway pioneers who obtain permits to carry out links using card combinations.

3. Wingspan: A bird game full of tactics and excitement. As a bird lover, you try to create the best living conditions for the birds in your shelter. Each bird expands a chain of powerful combinations in one of its habitats. These habitats focus on different growth factors: grab food, lay eggs, and draw new bird maps. Who builds the best action bike and scores the most points with his birds at the end of the game?

4. Letters from Whitechapel: The game is set in the Whitechapel district of London. Jack, the Ripper, commits five murders in 4 nights and returns to his regular hiding place after every crime. One of the players takes on the role of Jack. The other players form a team of detectives who are looking for him. They have to work together and consult to trap Jack eventually. Letters from Whitechapel is an exhilarating game, which is suitable for families with older children as well as many players.

5. Small World Underground: Small World Underground takes you to a fantastic world where Drows, vampires, ghosts, and other underworld races continuously compete for a place. Small World Underground is a game for 2 to 5 players, in which each player competes to build his civilization in a world full of fantasy.

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