At least 6 people died in a plague in Madagascar

The plague epidemic has resurfaced in Madagascar, while the country, which was recently hit hard by the Coronavirus, is seeing a considerable drop in the number of Covid-19 patients.

It is a worrying resurgence of the plague epidemic that has been noted in Madagascar, at a time when the number of cases of Coronavirus is decreasing in the Big Island. Madagascar has 42,884 cases of Coronavirus infection and 957 deaths. At the same time, the Malagasy Ministry of Health has indicated that at least seven deaths, including 6 confirmed cases of pulmonary plague, have been recorded since August 25.

These people were swept away by the disease in the commune of Miandrandra, in the Itasy region, located in the central part of Antananarivo, the capital of this southern African country.

Since the weekend, 22 other suspected cases are being treated. The disease manifests itself in various forms, with symptoms of the pulmonary form that are fever, headaches, general malaise, pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain.

An official in the General Directorate of Preventive Medicine in the Ministry of Health explained to Anadolu that these new cases of plague are related to the period of turning over the dead, which is a traditional practice carried out every year during August and September.

The Pasteur Institute of Madagascar said that the plague is an endemic disease whose season usually runs from July to April. In 2018, Madagascar faced an outbreak of pulmonary plague that claimed nearly 100 lives.

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