Barbie maker is going to honor more black women

Barbie maker Mattel wants to honor more black women. The company promises that more than half of the doll’s special editions, known as Barbie Role Models, will introduce black and other non-white women.

This was already the case last year when singer Ella Fitzgerald and civil rights activist Rosa Parks, among others, were honored with a doll. Mattel says that research shows that girls from the age of 5 no longer believe they can become anything.

This is even more true for black girls. That is why the company says it wants to do even more to help close that ‘dream hole’.

One in five Barbie dolls that Mattel makes is black, and the company wants that diversity to be seen in all stores that sell Barbies.

In addition, Mattel’s black employees are getting a bigger voice, and the company plans to become a better reflection of the diversity in society.

Black Barbie dolls are also playing a more prominent role in the advertisements of the brand.

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