Barcelona FC: Ronaldinho pays homage to Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is currently one of the best footballers on the planet. At the beginning of his career, he played alongside Ronaldinho. The Brazilian explained that the current performances of Lionel Messi were predictable.

The quality of his game, his performance on football fields unanimously make him an exceptional footballer, and out of the ordinary. For the Brazilian Ronaldinho, it is not a surprise to see Lionel Messi still strong and brilliant.

In a recent interview with AS, Ronaldinho paid a heartfelt tribute to Lionel Messi. “I saw him when he was 15 or 16 and I already knew he would do what he is doing now. I saw him for the first time when he was a child. Everyone was talking about a kid who did a lot of things in the Barça youth categories. We (players), before our games, we were just going to see the young people play and he stood out from the others. Talking about Messi, what he did, the story he wrote, just look at him and bow, there is nothing to say,” says Ronaldinho.

It is clear that if everyone can be surprised by what Lionel Messi is doing on a football field, this is not the case of Ronaldinho. Over the years, Lionel Messi continues to talk about him. Already five times European Golden Ball, it is not excluded to see the so-called Pulga Popping a 6th.

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