Batman on 80th birthday humiliated by police during relief action

Calculated today, on the day that cartoon hero Batman celebrates his 80th birthday, a pretty humiliating video has appeared from the world-famous batman.

A man dressed as Batman wanted to assist the police in the Canadian city of Kelowna in arresting a man for a violent crime. But the Dark Night was immediately sent away with the message “you are terribly in your way and we don’t need your extra hands.” The lifesaver then drove off again.

Batman on 80th birthday humiliated by police during relief action

Melissa Parent, a local resident, followed the police action from a distance and filmed how Batman jumped out of his ‘batmobile’ and walked to the officers with waving cape and big steps. The images show how he is sent away after a few seconds. Afterward, police told local media that the presence of “crime fighter” Batman was very difficult. “In dynamic situations such as an arrest, everything can change quickly. If people suddenly get involved, it can lead to unwanted and dangerous things,” the police said, calling the bat man’s action “a big risk.”

After the incident, Batman got back into his car (a black pick-up truck with Batman sticker) and disappeared slowly and without looking back. Who the man is, is unknown. The police do not do anything about it.


The most embarrassing Batman intervention made the news today on the day the fictional cartoon character was introduced eighty years ago. Batman first appeared in comic form on March 30, 1939, on the pages of Detective Comics number 27. The batman got his own comic series in 1940, with The Joker and Catwoman in the first number. After that, he was the center of numerous cartoons and cinema films, but also of books, radio series, toys, and games. For eighty years, the Dark Knight has been a symbol of determination, courage, and justice.

The birthday is celebrated in different ways, by gamers and comic lovers. Warner Bros has already released a new level pack for the game LEGO DC Super-Villains this month. Gamers can browse Gotham City with seven new characters, including The Phantasm, Captain Clown, Man-Bat, Mad-Hatter, Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn. There are also commemorative books released, such as 80 Years of Batman: Deluxe Edition. The book contains reprints of the most memorable adventures of the Dark Knight and a new story about Bruce Wayne.

On social media, fans celebrate the birthday with the #Batman80 and #LongLiveTheBat.

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