Beauty brand demands Kim Kardashian change the brand name

Kim Kardashian has received a letter from beauty brand SKKN+ urging her to change her new beauty line name. Kardashian wants to register the brand name SKKN, but according to the company, that name has already been registered by owner Cyndie Lunsford.

Lunsford says it has provided facials under this name since July 2017 and has a website and several social media accounts. The owner says she has invested a lot of time, energy, and money in the development of the SKKN+ products, and if Kim uses the same name, it can cause confusion.

“We appreciate and support small businesses, so hats off to Ms. Lunsford. However, this is about trademark law, and we have done nothing worthy of legal action.”

“In addition, it is disappointing that the lady is looking for the media while a telephone appointment was scheduled for tomorrow, which her lawyer has requested.”

“So while we disagree on the contents of the letter, we are hopeful that we can work it out together,” Kim’s attorney Michael G. Rhodes said.

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