Between us, is it more than sex?

Your phobia: do not end up in “sex friend”. Does your lover have the same ambitions for you? Sometimes things are clear, and sometimes not. But we cannot open his heart and ask him what the relationship is.

Without being an exact science, there are some signs that your relationship is not just about sex. Here are three clues:

1. He kisses you a lot before, during and after sex. This can be an obvious sign that he appreciates you. It’s better than turning around to calm down or focus on your own pleasure by nesting your face in your neck! The kiss is an act that engages in one way or on the sentimental level. You are not reduced to the object state. In the same way, if you are in a position where he is behind you, the fact that he keeps his face close to yours shows his desire to connect. He should not blame you when you are not in the mood. If your Julius “calls” you for a hug and you’re not there, but then not at all willing and he’s pleading against you, that’s a bad sign.

2. If he observes you when you take pleasure or look in your eyes during the act, it is because he also takes it to see you in all your states. It’s like a virtuous circle where everyone feeds on each other’s pleasure and that can only reinforce your complicity and your self-confidence. In general, a man who has no feelings for his partner will avoid looking into her eyes or paying attention to anything other than her physique.

3. If he willingly accepts that you touch him (small caresses) or asks your arms in a “not interested”. That is, when he does not have a special desire to make love, it proves that he is interested in you beyond your carnal relationships. Otherwise, any physical contact he seeks to establish with you will be likely to lead him to “consume”.

It only remains for you to open your eyes and appeal to your sixth sense, without pouring into paranoia. Whatever happens, it is necessary to be able to profit from the relation knowingly or to flee with all legs before really suffering!

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