“Biron”, rechargeable press iron with 3hrs battery life made in DRC

The start-up “Banzela” has just manufactured “Biron”, a rechargeable press iron with three-hour battery life. This innovation is presented as one solution to the iron problem in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where frequent access to electricity is a severe problem in many cities.

Rechargeable internal battery with an autonomy of three hours, adjustable temperature, among other things, the capacity of “Biron”, this pressing iron of 12 volt DC, 30 Watts, is manufactured by the start-up “Banzela”.

Black in color with a red background, this innovation provides added value in searching for solutions to the thorny issue of frequent access to electricity.

Where did the idea to make this press iron come from?

It is between hesitation and instability of the power supply that the start-up draws its inspiration. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the use of internally heated irons (charcoal irons) is very widespread due to this instability of electrical energy. These very old devices, less efficient, no longer provide quality work.

“If careless, they can damage tissue. This is how we thought about an innovation that could allow many Congolese to iron their fabrics in peace. In February 2020, we started manufacturing “Biron”. After testing, we ensured its stability and launched it on the market,” says Baraka Safari, CEO of this start-up with its headquarters in the volcanic city of Goma, on the eastern side of the country.

“Banzela” and “Biron”, two words that inspire

Indeed, “Biron”, comes from two words: Banzela and Iron. If the first, referring to the start-up, draws its origin from Lingala, a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the second, quite simply, means iron in English.

“Banzela comes from Lingala and refers to many ways of thinking, reflecting, and opening up to new horizons,” adds Baraka.

The creativity of the start-up is a harbinger of a series of innovations that could revolutionize the Democratic Republic of the Congo industry. “Banzela’s vision is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of household appliances and smart systems in DRC, Africa, and the world,” he notes.

“Biron”, rechargeable press iron with 3hrs battery life made in Congo

“We started with Biron, but we currently have three types of products, the first of which has been successfully launched, the second is an Extension Cord with an internal battery equipped with four USB ports, playing the role of Power Bank and the third is a Lighout Projector, a self-recharging LED Projector for outdoor lighting,” he adds.

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