Birthday with dramatic end: 6 tourists are killed by CO poisoning

Six Brazilian tourists were found dead in an apartment in the Chilean capital Santiago. Perhaps the four adults and two teenagers were killed by CO poisoning. That was reported by the Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

The tourists had traveled to Chile to celebrate the birthday of one of the teenagers, says the Brazilian news portal G1. A family member called the emergency number of the Brazilian consulate in Santiago with the report that the six felt bad. When the police arrived on the scene, she could only determine their death.

Winter in Chile

The police noticed a strong gas smell in the apartment. An increased concentration of carbon monoxide was also measured, reinforcing the suspicion that it is a CO poisoning.

CO is a colorless and odorless gas that is created during incomplete combustion. High concentrations present in an enclosed space are deadly. Especially in winter, there is more dangerous because the heating is running at full speed.

Yesterday, Santiago experienced the coldest day of the South American winter so far, with temperatures around freezing point.

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