Boxer Muhammad Aslam Khan died after being knocked out

A boxer died in Pakistan after being knocked out. Muhammad Aslam Khan passed away hours after losing to Wali Khan Tareen in a charity match.

Tragedy stained Pakistan’s sport this weekend after it was confirmed that fighter Muhammad Aslam Khan died after losing a boxing match in Quetta by knockout.

The charity evening ended in the worst way when Wali Khan Tareen landed a left-foot strike to his opponent’s face that brought the crowd to their feet and his opponent to their knees. Seconds later, the assistants invaded the ring and noticed that the defeated was unconscious.

According to local media, the boxer left the venue still alive, but upon arriving at a hospital in the city of Karchi, he died of the consequences of the injuries received in the ring.

The news generated such an impact that even the Baluchistan Sports Secretary referred to the matter and assured it was “a loss of the entire country and the nation”.

In addition, he announced that they would make all the necessary efforts to help his family: “I will transfer your case to the government to be compensated.”

Aslam Khan was a Pishin fighter who began his boxing career in 2007. A decade later, he won a national title and collected several trophies. Besides, he was part of the Electoral Commission of his country.

At this time, the event’s organization is being investigated in the Asian country since, apparently, the conditions for a fight were not in place. That is why the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) condemned the incident and called it illegal, while the Sindh government took note of boxer Aslam Khan’s death.

Boxer Amir Khan, the youngest British Olympic boxing medalist, wrote about the news and was shocked by his Pakistani ancestry. In a publication, he demanded that what happened to be investigated.

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