Countries that still have slavery

Modern slavery exists in practically every nation, despite the fact that it is not often simple to spot. As per the 2016 Global Slavery Index statistic, there are now 167 nations with slavery and roughly 46 million slaves.

Modern slavery is defined by the United States Department of State as the act of recruiting, housing, shipping, giving, or acquiring a person for coerced labor or commercial sex acts via the use of force, deception, or coercion. Slavery is a property legal system that allows individuals to own, buy, and sell other people as property. Slaves are unable to opt-out of this arrangement and are thus obliged to work for little or no pay.

In terms of nations with slavery, India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and North Korea are at the top of the list. The following are some facts concerning slavery in each of these nations.

With 18.4 million slaves, India has the world’s largest slave population. This statistic is bigger than the Dutch population and accounts for around 1.4 percent of India’s overall population. Modern slavery in India includes forced child labor, forced marriage, commercial sexual exploitation, bonded labor, and forced recruitment into non-state armed groups.

China has 3.4 million slaves, which is fewer than one-fourth of the population in India. Russia, Egypt, Iran, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Indonesia, Myanmar, Turkey, and Sudan are a few of the nations with large slave populations.

While many governments have made efforts to prohibit and criminalize slavery, there is still more work to be done. Countries that still practice slavery face a slew of issues that we must all confront.

Countries that still have slavery

  • India is a South Asian nation with 18.4 million slaves
  • China is a nation with 3.4 million slaves
  • Pakistan is a South Asian nation with 2.1 million slaves
  • Bangladesh is a South Asian nation with 1.5 million slaves
  • Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation with 1.2 million slaves
  • North Korea is a nation in East Asia with 1.1 million slaves

The 6 countries with the highest numbers of slavery

India (18.4 Million)

India has the most slaves per capita in the world. Domestic servitude, forced begging, commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriage, and forced enlistment for military forces are all forms of contemporary slavery in India, as in many other nations. Many contemporary slaves labor in industries that export items to other nations as India’s economy grows. As a result, men, women, and children labor long hours without enough pay or even fundamental rights.

China (3.4 Million)

The Chinese government is much more reliant on exports of commodities and raw resources than India. According to a CNN article, individuals in China are compelled to work in a variety of businesses. Poor families migrating from rural to urban regions in search of work often create possibilities for traffickers. Even when families travel together, many of them ultimately break off. Individuals sell young boys to other families in need of sons, while girls are often subjected to sex slavery or forced marriage.

Pakistan (2.1 Million)

Debt bondage, or bonded labor, is the main form of modern slavery in Pakistan, as it is in India. In Pakistan, over 10 million people work in the brick industry. Children and families are often forced to labor 10 hours a day in brick kilns and are denied fundamental rights and protection under the law. Workers fear torture and sexual exploitation if they do not have this protection.

Bangladesh (1.5 Million)

According to the Global Slavery Index, Bangladesh accounts for 80% of modern slavery via forced labor and 20% through forced marriage. Bangladesh is Asia’s 11th most susceptible nation to slavery due to poverty, natural catastrophes, and government corruption.

Uzbekistan (1.2 Million)

Cotton is Uzbekistan’s principal cash crop. When cotton harvests are blooming in the autumn, the government forcibly employs millions of people to labor in the cotton fields. International groups are monitoring the process, but the government has yet to reimburse these individuals. They also don’t take the necessary safety procedures.

North Korea (1.1 Million)

North Korea’s leadership has done nothing to outlaw contemporary slavery. People of all ages are subjected to forced work, despite their government claiming they are “living in a socialist paradise.” One out of every twenty North Koreans is enslaved. Although the nation may not have the most slaves in total, it has the largest forced labor concentration.

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