Boxer who loses heavily from Manny Pacquiao gives shameful interview

Manny Pacquiao is Forty, but Saturday night he picked up a new masterclass in Las Vegas to defend his WBA world title with the welters. The victim was the American Adrien Broner (29), who showed himself from his smallest side in the interview afterwards. After which the questioner wisely broke off the conversation.

After twelve rounds, the referees were unanimous in points (117-111, 116-112, 116-111) in favour of ‘Pacman’. While Filipino legend was successful with 112 of its 568 strokes in total, Broner had to make it with only 50 in 295 attempts. But Broner did not see that at all, quickly became clear in the interview that the American gave after the camp to Jim Gray of Showtime. For Broner, had a lot to tell to Gray, whom he called out in a very obnoxious manner. “We are going to do this interview in a professional manner or it will not work at all,” Gray says. “You decide. What did you think of the camp?” The question sounds.

©AP – Adrien Broner underwent the law of the strongest, but he did not see it as such.

Broner took a walk with the facts. “I knocked him, everyone saw that I was the stronger one? I checked the camp, he missed, I beat him several times. I have knocked him!” But Gray made it clear to him that he only got eight strokes per round. To the anger of the boxer. “It looks like you are against me too. Then I do not have much to tell you. Look … I thank the whole ‘hood’ (neighbourhood, editor) that supported me here. I love you, this is for you. You know that I am the winner.”

“They are just trying to capitalize on a rematch between Pacquiao and Mayweather (in 2015 the two fought in ‘The Fight of the Century’, ed). But I am cool and do not worry.” He made it clear that he is from Cincinnati with the necessary bad words. To make one last victim. Not Pacquaio, but interviewer Gray who confronted him with the results of his last seven fights: 3 victories, 3 losses and 1 undecided. “I may be 3-3-1, against you it would be 7-0 …” Whereupon Gray: “Well, that would mean little. This is the end of this interview.”


Pacquiao for his part already challenged that other boxing big Floyd Mayweather. ‘Money’ was also attentively spectator in Las Vegas. “Tell him to come back to the ring and I will challenge him. I am ready to fight against Mayweather.” The latter is officially retiring, although he is still wearing gloves for lucrative camps. In 2017 against MMA icon Conor McGregor, or late last year against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

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