Inside the boxing world, face unrecognizable after 237 blows: “It was a war”

A terrifying image! Spanish boxerMiriam Gutierrez (38) shared on her Instagram page a photo taken after her fight against Puerto Rican world champion Amanda Serrano (33). Gutierrez’s face is almost unrecognizable on the image after she had to take no fewer than 237 blows.

Gutierrez started the fight as an underdog, which preceded the hotly-hyped game between YouTuber Jake Paul and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in Florida. She sang it out against Serrano for ten rounds, but saw all corners of the boxing ring. The Puerto Rican has therefore unanimously declared the winner.

Gutierrez could live with that too. Afterward, she took a picture with Serrano, and she posted the snapshot on Instagram. But what is most striking is the havoc on her face—two blue eyes and a nose that is quite swollen. The Spanish is almost unrecognizable, with Serrano standing next to her as if she just went for a jog in the park.

“I want to thank my dance partner Miriam Gutierrez,” Serrano said afterward. “She didn’t come here to just go down. ‘I don’t care who’s in front of me, I’m not here to play a game’, she told me beforehand. She’s a tough aunt and maybe in the best shape of her life. I can say I beat the very best Gutierrez. She didn’t lose ingloriously. This was a war, and she sang it to the end. It was my pleasure.”

Serrano hopes to face Katie Taylor in 2022. The talks about that camp would even be ongoing.

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