Breathtaking: Sahara desert covered in snow – Photos

As strange as it may seem, snow can fall even in the Sahara desert. The recent spectacular photos of the dunes covered with a white sheet posted by many Internet users prove this.

Winter takes back its rights even in the Sahara! Recently, the snow has delighted the eyes of Algeria residents, judging by the recent photos posted by internet users on social media.

This is a rare meteorological phenomenon for this geographical area.

“Frost paints beautiful paintings of the ain sefra dunes Algeria,” indicates the legend.

The town of Aïn Sefra, also known as the Gateway to the Sahara, is located next to the Atlas Mountains, so low temperatures are no stranger to this area. However, snow does not fall every year


Temperatures in Algeria began to drop rapidly on January 10, and on Wednesday, January 13, they fell below freezing.

“Sahara desert. Also, here we have snow..”

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