Rare phenomenon: oral s-x leads to brain bleeding in women

A game of oral s-x has broken a 44-year-old woman from around London. When she came to the brink of an orgas-m, she had a brain hemorrhage. The phenomenon is so rare that the medical magazine ‘BMJ Case Reports’ paid specific attention to it in its latest edition.

Doctors initially thought of a heart attack, but further investigation showed that a blood vessel in her skull was torn. The lady became unconscious but returned to her positives after three minutes. At first, she felt sick and complained about “mediocre headache.”

Her partner noticed during the act that her body was stiffening. “Sudden changes in blood pressure can cause blood vessels to rupture,” say doctors. “Certainly at the time of the orgas-m, heartbeat and blood pressure can rise. We have known this phenomenon with penetration for a long time, but oral s-x can certainly have the same effect.”

Rare phenomenon: oral sx leads to brain bleeding in women

Specifically, the woman had to deal with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, the chance of dying is considerable. In her case, it was, fortunately, a mild form.


To close the blood vessel in question, embolization was chosen. A liquid product is injected through a catheter, which causes the vein to shrink locally. For safety’s sake, a metal spring was also installed. After two weeks she was allowed to go home without further complications.

The incident occurred in October. The woman is an avid smoker, drinks occasionally and has asthma. In her twenties, she also had brain malaria, a potentially fatal condition. However, this difficult history would have nothing to do with the brain hemorrhage that she now had.

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