Buhari is a dictator, whether wearing khaki or agbada – Amaechi

Amaechi Mbazulike, the first republic’s aviation minister, described President Muhammadu Buhari as a dictator, calling on Nigerians to end the dictatorship in 2019.

According to him, there is no difference between Buhari as a military head of state and Buhari as democratic president.

According to Vanguard, the politician said Mr. Buhari had violated all the rules of democracy, recalling that he was the only head of state to overthrow a civilian government.

Amaechi said, “Nigeria is practicing dictatorship. Of all the military heads of state, it’s only Buhari that overthrew a democratic government.

“Other dictators overthrew military regimes. He is still a dictator. I have been saying it.

“He may have come in through a democratic regime but there is no difference between Buhari the dictator and Buhari the President.

“Whether he is wearing khaki or agbada, he is the same. Nigerians must fight to regain the country.

“Amongst all those who fought for the independence of Nigeria, I’m the only one still alive and I urge all the political parties to come together and eschew dictatorship in the country.

“We cannot continue like this because what is happening now has not happened in Nigeria before where institutions of democracy like the legislature and the judiciary are being trampled upon. It is not something to keep quiet about.

“It is something Nigerians should fight to stop because it is dictatorship.”

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