Can it get any crazier? Octopus lips conquer Instagram

Shiny, bizarre, and with unnatural waves. That is how you can best describe the octopus lips. This strange look can be seen more and more on Instagram lately. But what is it exactly?

Not much is known about the origin, although the British magazine Dazed has a dark brown suspicion that Emelian Braude – a Russian plastic surgeon – is behind the hype. He claims that the lips are sprayed with a filler to get the wave-like effect. Hence the appropriate name: octopus lips or devil lips.

After a quick search on Instagram, you see that different women are trying to imitate the look, be it with makeup or Photoshop. Some critics even believe that fiddling with the photo is the only way to create the octopus lips. “You cannot change the anatomical shape of your mouth in this way,” says plastic surgeon Krystyna Wilczynski. “You can sharpen the contours, but these devilish lips are unnatural.”

Moreover, it is too dangerous to use a filler in this way. “The filler can end up in a blood vessel and cause a blockage. The tissue around it can even die.” So there is a good chance that plastic surgery has never been used, only face filters, makeup or Photoshop.

The reactions to the photos are also mixed. Some call it “experimental” and “original,” others rather “bizarre” or an “exotic form of herpes.” What do you think about the octopus lips?

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