In Guinea, putschists announce meetings to form a government

Guinea’s ruling coup plotters have announced a series of meetings starting Tuesday, September 14, to prepare for the formation of…

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Armed forces response to reportedly Coup d’etat in Sudan

Did the Sudanese army foil a coup? In any case, the military has denied reports that it has foiled a…

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Sifan Hassan has lost her world record in the 5 kilometers to Teferi

Sifan Hassan has lost her world record in the 5 kilometers on the road. Ethiopian Senbere Teferi completed the race…

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Guinea: Jubilation after political prisoners freed, Putchist fulfill their promise

Two days after the coup that toppled Guinean President Alpha Conde, the coup leaders kept their promise by allowing the…

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Coup d’etat in Guinea: Were US soldiers among the putschists soldiers?

Images of American soldiers accompanying Guinean special forces have created suspicions about the involvement of American soldiers in the September…

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South Africa approves Pfizer vaccine for over 12-year-old

The South African health regulator has approved the use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 12 and older, paving…

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Interesting facts about Guinea

The Republic of Guinea is a fairly typical African country. Situated in western Africa, this country was once a colony.…

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Cameroon’s ‘Little Paris’ covered in snow and hailstones [Videos]

A fall of hail and snow was recorded in Cameroon’s western region, especially in Bana, nicknamed the ‘Little Paris’ by…

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Death sentence of separatists in Cameroon: “strong message of justice to terrorists”

A military court in southwestern Cameroon has sentenced to death separatists who attacked a school, killing several students in October…

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Removal of term limits results to the military coup – Liberian president tells ECOWAS

The President of Liberia, George Weah, did not mince his words when he pointed out that the frequency of military…

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20 interesting facts about Angola

The country of Angola appeared on the maps as an independent state after the Portuguese colonialists left Africa, granting the…

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What is Mali famous for? Interesting facts about Mali

The African country of Mali is not the place to be for a well-deserved vacation. An unstable political situation, general…

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